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Formally Ever After
client registration

Formally Ever After clients register here for formal night photo sessions.

Congratulations on your up coming formal event!  

You have the dress, suit, shoes and accessories now to make the night complete you just need to capture the memories.

Kruizemode Photography are providing free professional photography services to clients of Formally Ever After.

The way the sessions will work is that after registration has taken place we will organize a location nearby to your formal event and create a "pop-up" studio so we can photograph as many clients as possible.

You will be able to have up to 10 photos taken on the day.  These can be individual, small group either family or other formal attendees; even with a vehicle if space permits.

Spots will be limited so get in quick, first in first served.  

Once we know how many people want to take up the offer we will schedule timeslots around the formal event times.

We will professionally edit photos and send an online link for you to download and share with family and friends.  

All we ask in return is that you tag us on social media to credit our work and do not add your own filters etc to alter our work.

This is all free of charge to make your formal night truly memorable.  

Formally Ever After registration

Register now so we can start working together.

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About the Formal Event

Thanks for registering, we will be in touch soon!
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